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A cloth mask delivering its active ingredients effectively to the skin. The mask adheres through a lot of moisture to the skin.

Rice paper is twice as thin and lighter than regular paper, which makes the mask feel like a second layer of skin.

A great fresh-up through the cold brewing method: active ingredients are released to the skin more safely and with more freshness.

#Aloe - extract builds an elastic film and boosts the skin with vitality and moisture!

#Honey - is full of vitamines, minerals and essential amino acids, which brightens dry skin from the inside.

#Pomegranate - makes the skin elastic and soft. Tired skin gets an elasticity boost!

#Cucumber - with cucumber extract clears the skin and provides it with plenty of moisture. Ideal for dry skin.

#Lemon - with Lemon Extract full of vitamin C makes dull skin radiant!

#Potato - with Potato extract brightens pigmentations and soothes sensitive skin!

#Red Ginseng - with Red Ginseng extract provides nourishment with essential nutrition!

#Rice - with Rice extract strengthens the skin, adds moisture and brightens the skin tone.

#Shea Butter - with Shea Butter forms a silky layer and boosts moisturization!

#Tea Tree - with Tea Tree extract soothes sensitive skin and refreshes it!

#Green Tea - with Green Tea extract for dry skin by dryness, it helps to provide moist skin.

#Pearl - with pearl extract with rich minerals for rough and dark skin, it helps to make skin look smooth and radiant