Balinese Coconut Perfume Oil
Balinese Coconut Perfume Oil

Balinese Coconut Perfume Oil

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Fragrance Family: Fresh

Scent Type: Fresh Solar

Key Notes: Creamy Coconut, Tropical Tiare Blossom, Salted Musk

Fragrance Description: Bask on the beach of Bali with this nourishing perfume oil featuring notes of creamy coconut, tropical tiare blossom, and salted musk.

About the Bottle: This oil is housed in a jewel-like glass bottle tinted with a brown hue featuring a dropper that offers a completely unique and customizable fragrance experience.

 This fresh solar perfume oil features the essence of fresh coconuts harvested from the islands of Southeast Asia. Using a special extraction method, the natural fragrance of the coconut is captured, from its rich milk and sundrenched husk to the salty air that settled on its surface. This extraordinary coconut essence is artfully blended with luxurious baobab oil for a sensuous formula that melts into your skin while leaving behind a long-lasting fragrance.



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